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Hemocytometer coverslips

Hemocytometer coverslips are more robust and specifically designed to fit hemocytometers.

When the hemocytometer coverslip is correctly affixed, the depth and volume of the chamber is ensured. It is then possible to accurately count the number of cells or particles in a specific volume of fluid, and calculate the concentration of cells in the fluid overall.

It is not advised to use ordinary coverslips, as they may break or bend with the surface tension and distort accuracy of the cell count.

Part number Description Unit size
471132424 Trajan 24 mm x 24 mm, ~0.4 mm 5 pairs (Box of 10)
471132222 Trajan 22 mm x 22 mm, ~0.4 mm 5 pairs (Box of 10)
471132026 Trajan 20 mm x 26 mm, ~0.4 mm 5 pairs (Box of 10)