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Dyes, Clinipure

The Clinipure range of dyes, previously available from HD Scientific in Sydney, can now be ordered from either of our Sydney or Melbourne offices. For further information, please contact us.


Type Volume Cat. No.
Acid Fuchsin Dye 25g CP P ACIDFUCH 06
Alcian Blue 8GX 25g CP P ALCBL8GX 06
Alcian Blue 8GX 50g CP P ALCBL8GX 07
Auramine "O" Dye 25g CP P AUTAMINO 06
Azure B Dye C.I.52010
For preparation of Eosinates and in ICHS Romanowsky methods
Basic Fuchsin Dye 25g CP P BASIFUCH 06
Biebrich Scarlet Dye 25g CP P BIEBSCAR 06
Chromotrope 2R Dye 25g CP P CHROMO2R 06
Crystal Violet Dye 100g CP P CRYSVIOL 08
Crystal Violet Dye 25g CP P CRYSVIOL 06
Giemsa Dye 100g CP P GIEMSADY 08
Giemsa Dye 25g CP P GIEMSADY 06
Haematoxylin Dye 100g CP P HAEMATOX 08
Haematoxylin Dye 25g CP P HAEMATOX 06
Iodine Crystals 25g CP P IODICRYS 06
Leishman Dye 25g CP P LEISHMAN 06
Light Green SF 25g CP P LIGREESF 06
Malachite Green Dye 100g CP P MALGREEN 08
Malachite Green Dye 25g CP P MALGREEN 06
May Grunwald Dye 100g CP P MAYGRUNW 06
May Grunwald Dye 25g CP P MAYGRUNW 06
Methylene Blue Dye 100g CP P METHBLUE 08
Methylene Blue Dye 25g CP P METHBLUE 06
Neutral Red Dye 100g CP P NEUTRRED 08
Neutral Red Dye 25g CP P NEUTRRED 06
Orange G Dye 100g CP P ORANGEGD 08
Orange G Dye 25g CP P ORANGEGD 06
Pararosanilin Chloride Dye 100g CP P PARAROSA 08
Pararosanilin Chloride Dye 25g CP P PARAROSA 06
Phloxine B Dye 25g CP P PHLOXINB 06
Saffranin O Dye 100g CP P SAFFRANO 08
Saffranin O Dye 25g CP P SAFFRANO 06
Toluidine Blue
Special Price while stocks lasts $57.00 per 25g
Wrights Stain Dye 100g CP P WRIGHTDY 08
Wrights Stain Dye 25g CP P WRIGHTDY 06